The unit CYaRon! from “Love Live! Sunshine!!” that consists of Takanami Chika (voiced by Inami Anju), Watanabe You (voiced by Saitou Shuka), and Kurosawa Ruby (voiced by Furihata Ai), has appeared on the cover page of “Photo Technic Digital June 2021 Issue” that was released on May 20, 2021.

This is the first appearance of the unit CYaRon! (Inami Anju, Saitou Shuka, Furihata Ai) from “Love Live! Sunshine!!” on the cover page and head gravure article of Photo Technic Digital. The theme of the photo-shooting session is “The life of the three girls that like to be stylish” and it was taken at a plain private house. During the morning of the resting day, each of them does their house chore while being at ease in the comfortable room-wear.

As the three of them like to be stylish, they won’t even hold back on their clothing when they are going to the nearby convenience store. They will dress up in the matching one piece and finish with their preparation as they looked forward to going out. The photo is taken by the photographer, Asaoka Shoichi that handles the 4 years long serialization of Furihata Ai in the same magazine. The photos of the three with gentle gaze in their natural state were taken.

In the interview that was conducted in a relaxed manner, the three of them talked about their relationship as well as the 1st full album of CYaRon!, “Aru Hi… Eien Mitai ni!” that will be released on June 2.

Other than that, the three from CYaRon! will also appear on the introduction page of the collaboration model camera between Canon’s Asobi Camera “iNSPiC REC” and “Love Live! Sunshine!!”.

Also, Furihata Ai, after polishing her photography skill via “Furihata Photo Koubo” serialization on the same magazine, is making her dream photographer debut. The model is Komiya Arisa, the voice of the elder sister of Ruby in “Love Live! Sunshine!!” and also the person that she is close to in private life.

“Photo Technic Digital June 2021 Issue” is currently available nationwide in Japan’s online and physical bookstores. The price is 1,100 JPY (tax excluded).