From the TV animation “Godzilla S.P. ” which is scheduled to start airing on April 1, 2021, the latest PV featuring a moving image of “Godzilla” has been released.

This work is a completely new TV animation series started as a new project of the “Godzilla” franchise, one of the representative characters of Japan. It will be a 13 episode TV anime series with a new original story that is completely different from the previous movies.

In the latest PV, Godzilla, who has not been fully revealed in the previous PVs, finally makes an appearance, looking absolutely intimidating in motion.
It also includes the two main characters, Kamino Mei (CV: Miyamoto Yume) and Arikawa Yun (CV: Ishige Shouya), as well as a heroic appearance of the “Jet Jaguar”, which has been a big topic among Godzilla fans.

In addition, the sound source of the OP theme “in case…” sung by BiSH, a six-member group claiming to be a “punk band without instruments,” was also presented for the first time. The song has a fierce rock sound that is distinctly different from the previous “Godzilla” series.

It was also decided to hold a completion screening event where you can enjoy the first and second episodes of this work on the big screen. Six main cast members including Miyamoto Yume, Ishige Shoya, and Kuno Misaki will take the stage and talk about the secret story of the first “Godzilla” TV anime series in Japan.

“Godzilla S.P. ” will begin airing on TOKYO MX and other stations on April 1, and Netflix will distribute one episode per week in advance of the TV broadcast in Japan from March 25.

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