‘MANKAI STAGE “A3!”’, a stage adaptation of the handsome actor training game “A3!”, will be adapted into two consecutive live-action films. “~SPRING & SUMMER~” will be released in December 2021, and “~AUTUMN & WINTER~” will be released in 2022.

This film is an adaptation of a stage production based on the handsome actor training game “A3!”, which has been downloaded over 7 million times. The story is about a ragtag theater company that has lost its former glory, and how they train actors in order to rebuild it by holding successfully stage performances.

The cast of the film adaptation continues to consist of actors from “MANKAI STAGE ‘A3!'”, and we have received comments from Yokota Ryugi, Jinnai Shou, Mizue Kenta, and Aramaki Yoshihiko, who are the leaders of the “Spring Group”, “Summer Group”, “Autumn Group”, and “Winter Group”.

In addition to the announcement of the live-action film adaptation, a teaser video was also released.

‘MANKAI MOVIE “A3!” ~SPRING & SUMMER~’ will be released in December 2021, and ‘MANKAI MOVIE “A3!” ~AUTUMN & WINTER~’ will be released in 2022.

Yokota Ryugi as Sakuma Sakuya, leader of Spring Group
There is going to be a movie version of ‘MANKAI STAGE “A3!”’ so I’m so happy! I couldn’t believe it when I first heard it was going to be made into a movie. I’m so excited to think that this work, which I’ve created with everyone and with the Director, is going to be shown in a new way on the big screen of a movie theater. It’s a different kind of play from the stage! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it well, but with everyone, I’m sure it will go well! I’d be happy if you could support us! The show never ends, no matter what happens. The show must go on, and we’ll continue the play together in the movie! I’m looking forward to working with the Director again!

Jinnai Shou as Tenma Sumeragi, leader of the Summer Group
I’m Jinnai Shou, one of the people who was surprised by the film adaptation of the MANKAI STAGE “A3!
When I was asked to play the role of Tenma Sumeragi, the leader of the Summer Group, in the stage adaptation of the incredibly popular game app, I remember being so happy that I was almost overwhelmed by the pressure that exceeded my happiness.
However, as if to push away my anxiety, the director pushed me forward and continued to support me, and thanks to him, I have been living every day to deliver the best play with all my strength in the Summer Group’s solo performance, the Autumn Group’s solo performance, and the live performance. Of course, I watched from the same seats as the director as the baton was passed to the performances that I did not perform in, with a burning desire in my eyes.
I’m happy to be able to announce the film adaptation at this time, and to be involved in the work as Tenma.
I’m excited to be able to express myself in this film in a way that only Tenma, who has stepped into the field of film, can!

Kenta Mizue as Banri Settsu, leader of the Autumn Group
I was really surprised when I first found out that the story of “A3!” was going to be made into a movie!
I wondered how it would be filmed and what kind of form it would take.
I’ve always been excited about this, especially since it will be my first time in a movie!
I hope I can deliver the charm of “A3!”, the Autumn Group, and Banri in a new way.
Please come and see it!

Aramaki Yoshihiko: Tsumugi Tsukioka, leader of Winter Group
This is a movie of MANKAI STAGE “A3!
I will be able to perform the flagship performance of each season again.
I want to film holding the nostalgic memories and fresh feelings, and deliver many thoughts to the people who will watch the film.
As the leader of the Winter Group, I feel a lot of pressure to close the flag-raising performance, but I hope I can make it bloom in full bloom as the Winter Group.
Please look forward to it.

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