Eight voice actors including Hosoya Yoshimasa and Tanaka Atsuko will appear in the Netflix original anime series “The Way of the Househusband” as the voice actors of the fun-loving friends surrounding the main character Tatsu, a former gangster played by Tsuda Kenjiro.
In addition, new scene photos of ex-gangster Torajiro, who has a history with Tatsu, have been released.

“The Way of the Househusband” is a gag comedy based on a manga series by Ohno Kosuke in “Kurage Bunch”. It depicts the funny daily life of Tatsu, an ex-gangster who once left many legends in the underworld, as a full-time housewife.
The Netflix original anime series will be directed by Kon Chiaki and animated by J.C. Staff.

The eight voice actors announced for the hilarious characters surrounding Tatsu’s at-home life are Hosoya Yoshimasa, Tanaka Atsuko, M.A.O., Fukushima Jun, Saito Kimiko, Nogawa Masashi, Yanagida Junichi, and Otsuka Yoshitada.
Hosoya-san plays Torajiro, Tatsu’s former rival and a martial arts fighter known as the “Tiger with a Stiff Fist”, and Tanaka-san plays Torii Hibari, a “Miss” who has left the clan to work part-time at a supermarket. M.A.O. will play Gin, the beloved cat of Tatsu and his wife Miku, who only speaks in secret when its owner is not around; Fukushima-san will play the young head of the yakuza gang who gets involved with Tatsu at the supermarket; Saito-san will play the chairman of the town where Tatsu lives; Nogawa-san and Yanagida-san will play the policemen who often question Tatsu; and Otsuka-san will play the gang leader who, like Tatsu, has given up the gang.

In addition, new scene photos were released showing Tatsu and Torajiro reunited and on the verge of a fight with their aura in full swing.
Both Tatsu and Torajiro are “legendary ex-gangsters,” and since Ryu crushed the gang while Torajiro was in jail, the two have a history with each other, and it can be seen that they are in a state of impromptu conflict. This is a gag-filled performance by Tsuda-san and Hosoya-san, and is sure to be a scene not to be missed.
In addition to these scenes, there is also a tense scene where Gin punches Tatsu with a cat punch, and a scene of Torii working at a supermarket, all of which are filled with 120% enthusiasm that will make you laugh even though they are serious.

The Netflix original anime series “The Way of the Househusband” will start its exclusive worldwide distribution on April 8.

(C) Ohno Kousuke / Shinchosha