“The Way of the Househusband” will be adapted into an original net animation by Netflix, to be released on Apr. 8, 2021.

The Way of the Househusband is originally a Japanese manga series created by Ohno Kousuke. The plot is a gag comedy genre with an at-home feel, depicting the daily life of Tatsu, once an infamous and feared underworld yakuza, who now spends his days as a househusband.

The main cast includes names such as Ito Shizuka and Okitsu Kazuyuki. Ito plays Tatsu’s composed wife, Miku, who’s never intimidated by her husband’s tough attitude; while Okitsu plays Tatsu’s loyal ex-underling, Masa.
The released trailer contains plenty of scenes that project the same atmosphere as the manga. Several of the scenes even feature an animation style that emulates the layout of manga panels, without the characters moving. A special line not present in the anime was recorded by Tatsu’s voice actor Tsuda Kenjiro just for this trailer: “So Netflix is doing some shady business huh”.

The theme songs of the anime were made by the rock band Uchikubigokumon-Doukoukai. The opening theme “Shufu no Michi (A Husband’s Way)” and the ending theme “Goku Fuufu Kaido (The Married Couple’s Extreme Path) were specially written with the series in mind.

“The Way of the Househusband” will start streaming worldwide on Netflix from Apr. 8, 2021.

(C) Ohno Kousuke / Shinchosha