To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the voice actress Hayashibara Megumi (known for her role as Ayanami Rei from “Evangelion”) as a singer, she has announced on her birthday, March 30, 2021, that her 41 singles and 14 albums will be available to be subscribed.

All the streaming platforms will cover releases from her 1991’s debut single “Nijiiro no Sneaker”, TV anime “Shaman King”‘s opening “Over Soul”, “Slayers Next”‘s opening “Give a reason” to her latest original album “Fifty~Fifty”.
Not only can you enjoy the 30 years of Hayashibara as a singer, but certain platforms will also have a newcomer playlist for her fans that is listening to her song for the first time.

Also, some songs from the original album, such as “Vintage S” and “Vintage A”, along with the project album, such as “with you” and “Slayers Megumixxx” will also be available, so do check it out.

Hayashibara has also released her 30th anniversary best album “Vintage Denim” on March 30 and the full version MV of the new song “Denim” is currently available on YouTube.