From “My Hero Academia The Movie: World Heroes Mission” comes the first visual of Pino, the original character of the movie version designed by the original author Horikoshi Kohei. Hayashibara Megumi has been chosen as the voice actress, and we have also received a comment from her.

Pino is pink all over, with purple and yellow patterns on his chicken crown and wings. He is very emotional and easily understands the emotions of joy, anger, sorrow, and sadness, and perches on the shoulder of Roddy Soul, played by Yoshizawa Ryou, and is his constant companion.
When Roddy is in trouble, he helps him out with his coordinated play, and they share the pain and suffering together. The adorable expressions that change from one moment to the next will be one of the highlights of the film version.

The voice of Pino will be performed by the talented voice actress, Hayashibara Megumi, who has played the roles of Ayanami Rei in the “Evangelion” series, Haibara Ai in the “Detective Conan” series, and Musashi in the “Pokemon” series.
As Pino is a non-verbal character, it will be a difficult role to express the richness of his emotions only through his cries. Watch out for the adorable Pino that Hayashibara-san brings to the role with her overwhelming ability.

“My Hero Academia The Movie World: World Heroes Mission” will be released on August 6, 2021 at Toho Cinemas nationwide.

[Hayashibara Megumi]
It’s been a while since I’ve been casted as a face… (laughs)
I think this is a role where I can fully show off my “personality” that I developed in a certain P-Monster.
When I decided to be involved, I started watching the series from the first episode, and although I haven’t caught up with the latest episode yet, I’m determined to do my best.
There are so many great scenes in this show. I’ve even created my own favorite characters.
But…they’re all cute.

My Hero Academia the Movie: World Heroes Mission

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