A collaborative radio program between the “Evangelion” series, whose latest theatrical version is currently in theaters, and the radio program “All-Night Nippon”, which is broadcast on 36 stations nationwide including Nippon Broadcasting System, has been announced. The program will be a live broadcast and starts at 1 am on June 22nd.

This is the first time in 24 years that a collaboration between Evangelion and All-Night Nippon Broadcast has been made, since 1997 when the All-Night Nippon “Neon Genesis Evangelion Special” special program aired in spring and summer along with the release of the “Neon Genesis Evangelion” movie.

This time in “Shin Evangelion’s All Night Nippon”, the cast will talk the night away about the Evangelion series, which has been around for 26 years since it started in October 1995. The original cast and staff involved in the creation of Evangelion will talk about a wide range of subjects.

Megumi Hayashibara, who plays the Rei Ayanami, and freelance announcer Akihisa Souguchi will be in charge of the live studio broadcast. During the broadcast, the main cast members of the “Shin Evangelion” movie will make remote appearances and deliver messages for this special program.

As it will be the first time that Hayashibara and the cast talk about the “Shin Evangelion” movie on live radio, the 2 hour-show is highly expected to make a special time.

“Shin Evangelion’s All-Night Nippon” will be broadcast live from 1 am on June 22nd on Nippon Broadcasting System and other stations.

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