The stage event of the TV anime “Mr. Osomatsu” season 3 was held on the Avex Pictures Booth Stage on “AnimeJapan 2021” that was held online on March 28, 2021. Sakurai Takahiro as Osomatsu and Kamiya Hiroshi as Choromatsu both appeared in the jacket of each character’s color, and have a special talk prior to the finale episode.

TV anime “Mr. Osomatsu” season 3 that started broadcast in October 2020 has ended in episode 25 on March 29.
The first topic is the most impressive episode. The episode that Sakurai recommended is episode 17 “Imoni”. It was supposed to be a story about them cooking the thick potato, but they ended up becoming a thick potato in the end. Toward Sakurai-san comment of “I love how I get the feeling of Osomatsu from this”, Kamiya-san retorted “There is no scarier story than that”.

The chosen episode of Kamiya is episode 15 “Cosplaymatsu”. The reason is because of the pitiful appearance of Osomatsu Oji-san acted by Sakurai and the Quintuplets that is role-playing as children. Sakurai mentioned that this is an episode that got people saying “This is an accomplished by all the team members on the field”.

The next corner is “Osomatsu’s Case Files”. The true worth of Mr. Osomatsu” is the comedy, but season 3 contains a lot of episodes involving Osomatsu and Choromatsu.
Episode 18 “Just Don’t”, episode 15 “Cosplaymatsu”, episode 23 “Friend”, and others were chosen by the audiences as the “This is a case!” and popular episodes as most of it is featured Choromatsu being teased.

However, toward the question “What’s your recent event?”, Kamiya mentioned that recording session involved less people due to coronavirus while Sakurai told how he almost die after tripping on a low step.

After that, the corner “Oekaki Senshuukken (The best drawer)” featuring Sakurai and Kamiya drawing their own character was held. Within the time limit of 1 minute, Sakurai had revealed “F6 Osomatsu” while Kamiya had revealed Choromatsu. Their illustration was praised by the audiences, and after both of them signed on the illustration, it will be used as a lottery prize among the Mr. Osomatsu fan-club members.

The last corner is the talk on the final episode after reviewing the past “Mr. Osomatsu”, such as season 1, season 2, and the film. While mentioning about the “Big prediction on the finale of season 3 campaign”, the corner got to hype up by the predictions by the cast members and the audiences.
Mostly of the cast members and audiences predicted that it will end with a “death explosion”. So, do check out the final episode of “Mr. Osomatsu” season 3 that was broadcast on March 29.

The final episode/ episode 25 of the TV anime “Mr. Osomatsu” was broadcast at 1:35 AM, on March 29, on TV Tokyo, TV Aichi, and TV Osaka. Also, the streaming of the stage event can be seen in the archive until April 4.

(C) Akatsuka Fujio/ Mr. Osomatsu Production Committee