The TV anime “Death Boy and Black Maid” will be broadcasted in July 2021. The first PV was unveiled on the special stage of “AnimaJapan 2021” where the main cast members Hanae Natsuki and Mano Ayumi appeared.

The original work is a comic by Inouye serialized in “Sunday Web Everyday”. The total number of copies sold has surpassed 1 million, and it is also a popular work that attracts attention on SNS.

When the main character was a child, a witch cursed him with a curse that would make everything he touched die. The curse has caused him to be rejected by those around him, and he spends his days alone in a large mansion deep in the forest.
He is served by a maid named Alice. However, Alice’s presence is the biggest problem for the boy. Because Alice routinely sexually harasses him on a daily basis. ……! Will the pure love between the two really bear fruit?

It has been decided that this work will be broadcast in July 2021. At the same time, the first PV has been released.

In addition, Alice from the film will be appearing in the “Figuarts mini” series of 90mm tall palm-sized deformed figures. We hope you enjoy this work as much as we do.

The TV anime “Death Boy and Black Maid” will start airing in July 2021.