The voice actor Yamashita Daiki, known for his role of Midoriya Izuku from “My Hero Academia” and Onoda Sakamichi from “Yowamushi Pedal”, is the narrator for the latest animation CM of Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd. (hereafter, known as J-POWER). The CM is produced by Shirogumi, who also handled “Stand by Me Doraemon”.

This “Kesshusuru Chikara (Concentration of Force)” series is an animation CM that depicts the employee of J-Power working in various location as each of them concentrate their force to open up a future filled with electricity.
The “Antei Kyuokyuu (Stable Supply)” episode and “Frontier” episode have been broadcast on the Nippon TV affiliated program “Oto no Sonority ~Sekai de Tatta Hitotsu no Oto~ (The Sound’s Sonority ~The Only Sound of the World~)” that is sponsored by J-POWER Group and is also available on the special website.

Also, the special website will have a manga-style introduction of the work-scopes and thoughts of the 8 characters that appeared in the CM.