‘Yakunara Mug Cup Mo’ that features high school girls X ceramic art will be aired from Apr. 2021. PV has also been revealed.

“Yakunara Mug Cup Mo” is a youth story set in the Tajimi city of Gifu Prefecture and follows four high school girls getting into ceramic art through “Mino Yaki”, traditional ceramic artworks in the area.
It is based on a free comic, which has been serialized since 2012 by Planet Co., Ltd, a local IT company. The director is Kamiya Jun, known for “Kingdom” and “Hikaru no Go”, story edition and scenario is handled by Arakawa Naruhisa, known for “Kingdom” and “This Art Club Has a Problem!”, and production is handled by Nippon Animation, known for “Chibi Maruko-chan”, “Haikara-San: Here Comes Miss Modern”, and “World Masterpiece Theater Series”.

The PV released features the protagonist Toyokawa Himeno in the first year of high school, who has moved to Tajimi city. The video begins with her asking the audience ‘Is there something you are passionate about?’, and looking for something she loves doing through an encounter with unique friends, and ceramic art.

“Yakunara Mug Cup Mo” will be released in Apr. 2021.

(C)Planet, Nippon Animation / Yakunara Mug Cup Mo Production Committee