The broadcast date of “NOMAD Megalobox2” has been announced. The main PV, featuring the key visual and latest videos by the director Moriyama Yo, has also been revealed. The additional cast members include Miyauchi Atsushi and Kobayashi Chikahiro. This work will be on air from April 4, 2021, on TOKYO MX.

“NOMAD Megalobox2” is based on “Ashita no Joe” written by Takamori Asao(Kajiwara Ikki) and illustrated by Chiba Tetsuya, and it is a sequel of “Megalobox” that was broadcast in 2018 as a commemoration project of its 50th anniversary since the serialization had begun.

The key visual released this time dramatically features Joe, being wounded and holding the gear on his back. He is not what he used to be anymore, and changed his name to “Nomad”. The story depicts him wandering in pursue of his place. Aside of Joe, a hummingbird spreading the beautiful wings is depicted, representing “the sign of longing for home”.

The main PV features the characters’ feelings in details such as Joe’s loneliness, struggle, and new determination while leaving his friends and being at a loss, as well as powerful battling scenes with a new character Chief of Megalo Boxer(CV: Tanaka Miou). In addition to the new characters, the PV also follows the characters after 7 years from the previous story.

The new cast members include Miyauchi Atsushi, Kobayashi Chikahiro, and Tanaka Miou. Miyauchi will play Mac, who has made a miraculous recovery with a cutting-edge technology, Kobayashi will play Sakuma, an entrepreneur who helped Mac with recovering and raises a revolution in the medical industry, and Kobayashi will play the Boxer Chief, who influences Joe. Also, Nikray Farahnaz, Hino Yumi, and Fukunishi Masaya will join the cast.
Bonjiri, Santa, and Oicho, who used to be street children in the previous story will appear as themselves after 7 years.

The TV anime “NOMAD Megalobox2” will be on air from April 4 on TOKYO MX.

(C)Takamori Asao, Chiba Tetsuya / Kodansha / Magalobox2 Project