Netflix’s original anime series “Yasuke” will be broadcast from AprilApr. 29 around the world. Moreover, the cut-scenesscene cuts have been released and the comments from LeSean Thomas have arrived.

“Yasuke” is the 2nd work of LeSean Thomas on Netflix after “Canon Busters”, and this will be constructed of 6 episodes. The story is set in the Sengoku era and depicts the strongest and the first African samurai Yasuke through a fantasy story.
Samurai Yasuke once served Oda Nobunaga and he once again stands up to save the girl from dark power after retirement.

Under the supervisionproduce and original idea by LeSean Thomas, the anime studio MAPPA, known for “Dorohedoro”, “Attack on Titan The Final Season”, and “Jujutsu Kaisei”, will be in charge of the animation production and characters will be designed by Koike TakeshiKen, who participated “LUPIN the Third-The Woman Called Fujiko Mine”.
Also, the actor LaKeith Stanfield, who had won various awards, will be voicing Yasuke, and the music will be handled by Flying Lotus, who got nominated in the Grammy Awards.The story about the first African samurai will be reconstructed and be delivered in this completely new anime.

Netflix’s original anime series “Yasuke” will be released with 6 episodes, and the streaming will begin from April. 29, 2021.

<Full comments are listed below>
LeSean Thomas (Original Idea, Produce, Director)
This project contains some kind of serendipity. An African American man moved to Japan and is now working and living with the geniuses of Japanese aAnime industry. He hasis now createdting the story of an African who lived with elite samurai in Japan and became warriors. I feel fate when producing this adventure seriesof forming a team with great members of MAPPA, (music)Flying LotusDog, (main cast)LaKeith Stanfield, and other wonderful team members.

Yasuke is a charming and mysterious existence in Japanese history, and even now he keeps gaining attention from variety of media. I learned about Yasuke during Japan’s historyfor the first time long time ago. A children’s book called “Kurosuke” by Kurusu Yoshio contained interesting illustrations. I learned that Kurosuke was athe real person and it got me excited as it the best character for an adventure storyhas a wonderful personality for adventure anime.
I look forward for both old and new fans to enjoy the recreation of the man from real history.