The 2nd season of the Netflix original anime series “B: The Beginning” titled “B: The Beginning Succession” will be streamed exclusively on Netflix from March 18, 2021. Along with this announcement, a trailer and key art were also revealed.

“B: The Beginning” is a crime suspense anime cerated by general director Nakazawa Kazuto, who directed the animation part of the film “Kill Bill” and anime studio Production I.G. The anime received international recognition and was selected at the 42nd “Annecy International Animation Film Festival”.
“B: The Beginning Succession” is the 2nd season.

Few months have passed since the serial murders by “Killer B”. Kokuu was living a peaceful life with Yuna, when Kirisame, a friend of Kokuu from Jaula Blanca Research Institue, who was supposed to be dead, appeared in front of them.
Kirisame wants to use Kokuu’s powers and drags him into the battle to create a world in which Kanon and humans can live together. With his friends taken hostage, Kokuu once again turns into an inhumanly being and throughs himself back into the conflict.
Revolution and peace. The two conflicting ideals lead to an inevitable conclusion…

The newly revealed trailer depicts Keith, Kokuu, Lily, and others being affected by the return of Kirisame.
You can feel the intensity from Keith, Kokuu, Kirisame, and Lilly on the key art. How is the tower in the moonlight related to the story? Let’s wait and see.

“B: The Beginning Succession” will be streamed internationally from March 18, 2021, exclusively on Netflix.

(C) Kazuto Nakazawa / Production I.G