The new series of popular anime “Duel Masters” series has been decided after marking the 19th anniversary this year. The new series will be titled “Duel Masters King!” and will be broadcast from Apr. 4, 2021, on TV Tokyo related channels. Moreover, the artist for the theme song is also decided.

“Duel Masters King” is the new series for “Duel Masters” for marking the 19th anniversary in 2021. Kirifuda Joe will be the main character continuing from the previous series broadcast in 2020.

The artist for the theme song has been announced together with the news for the new series. The opening theme song will be sung by DOBERMAN INFINITY, and the ending theme song will be sung by vistlip. The comments from both artists arrived as well.

TV anime “Duel Masters King!” will start its broadcast from Apr. 4, 2021, on TV Tokyo related channels.


We, DOBERMAN INFINITY, will be singing the opening theme song and we are very glad to have such an opportunity! We face “battles” every day in multiple forms.
We created this song based on the feeling that we get updated every time we take another step forward after experiencing yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
We hope this song will encourage and make fans and characters strong.

vistlip Tomo (Vocalist)
My name is Tomo, a vocalist from vistlip-the group singing the ending theme song.
Although we are still on a journey toward the big goal, we realized that we can be more greedy than we think.
We work hard because we wish for so much.
We never think that “we never able to get it”.
How about you live like that too?

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