The latest in the series, “Shinkansen Transformation Robo Shinkarion Z”, is set to air on April 9, 2021. The main visual and the second PV have been released. The main cast will consist of Tsuda Minami, Kitou Akari, and Furuyama Jun. Comments from the cast have also arrived.

The first TV anime was broadcast in January 2018, and the movie version was released in December 2019. “Shinkansen Transformation Robo Shinkarion Z” is the second in the series.
The story is about children who become drivers of the Shinkansen Transforming Robo Shinkarion Z, which was developed by the Shinkansen Super Evolution Laboratory to protect Japan’s peace and safety from a mysterious giant monster.

In the main visual released this time, the new Shinkarions are seen for the first time, with the new robot “Shinkarion Z” transformed from a Shinkansen and the armed reinforced vehicle “Zailiner” transformed from a conventional train.

The main cast consists of Tsuda Minami, known for her role as Funami Yui in “YuruYuri”, as Arata Shin, the main character of the series and the self-proclaimed “man who challenges the mysteries of the world”, and Kitou Akari, known for her role as Kamado Nezuko in “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, as Usui Abuto, the other main character, who is an elementary school student with a genius brain and works as a mechanic at the Yokogawa Branch of the Shinkansen Super Evolution Laboratory. Fukuyama Juna, known for his role as Amamiya Ren in “PERSONA5 the Animation”, will be playing the role of Sumat, the mysterious robot who acts as Abuto’s partner.

Furthermore, the production will continue from the first TV anime series and the movie version with Ikezoe Takahiro (SHOW BY ROCK! STARS! SD Gundam World Heroes”) and Yamaguchi Kentaro Yamaguchi (Beyblade” series) as the new director, depicting the world several years after the previous series.

The TV anime “Shinkansen Transformation Robo Shinkarion Z” will begin airing on April 9, 2021 (Fri.) at 7:25 p.m. on six TV Tokyo networks.

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