From “Bokuratekiniwa Risou no Rakugo” (To us, this is the Ideal Rakugo), a new sense of TV program where Nakajima Yoshiki, Ito Kento, Tsuchida Reiou, and Sakakihara Yuuki have fun, behind the scenes photos of episode 6 ‘Yabu no Fundoshi’ have been released.

“Bokuratekiniwa Risou no Rakugo” is a new sense of entertainment featuring Rakugo, where Nakajima, Itou, Tsuchida, and Sakakihara become Fudanshi and perform Rakugo in pairs.
Nakajima as Mousoutei Yoroshiki, Itou as Mousoutei Waon, Tsuchida as Mousoutei Agari, and Sakakihara as Mousoutei Takemaru belong to ‘Mousoutei’, a family known for BL Rakugo, and Morikawa Toshiyuki serve as a narrator and their teacher.

In the episode 6 ‘Yabu no Fundoshi’, Waon gets a little tired of his playing ‘Yume no Onna’ in episode 5.
Takemaru is worried about Waon being exhausted and saying ‘Next time, I just want to tell comical stories without thinking too much., and sees Terakado Masatsugu (Sugie Masahiro), who cheers up Yuki Haruto (Yoshida Daiki) who failed to run his own cafe and got depressed.

Takemaru recommend that Waon should try ‘Kintama Isha’, a comical topic that tells a story of a doctor treating illness with some treatment, saying ”This is a perfect for the two of you, you must feel refreshed’.

“Bokuratekiniwa Risou no Rakugo (To us, this is the Ideal Rakugo)” also known as “Bokulaku” is broadcast on TOKYO MX and BS Nippon.