From the new sensational TV program “Bokura teki ni wa Risou no Rakugo” (It is an idealistic rakugo for us), in which Nakajima Yoshiki, Itou Kento, Tsuchida Rio, and Sakakibara Yuuki appear, the off-shoots from the recording of episode 5 “Yume no Onna” (Idealistic Lady) is now available.

“Bokura teki ni wa Risou no Rakugo” is the TV program of new form of Rakugo which Nakajima, Itou, Tsuchida, and Sakakibara partners up into the pair to play rakugo.
Morikawa narrates the show as their teacher, and the four actors play their characters who belong to “Mousoutei”, a group of comedians who specialize in boys love. Nakajima plays Mousoutei Yoroshiki, Itou plays Mousoutei Waon, Tsuchida plays Mousoutei Agari, and Sakakibara plays Mousoutei Takemaru.

In episode 5 “idealistic lady”, a coffee shop staff Yuuki Haruto (played by Yoshida Taiki) brings a cup of coffee to the table where Majima Shinji (Ayagiri Takuya) is doing his task. Seiji quietly accepts the coffee, but he stares at Haruto, who walks back to the kitchen.

Waon feels “darkness” in the eyesight of Seiji. Waon passionately talks to Yoroshiki that he sometimes wants to perform what he really likes for the show. Then Waon remembers a rakugo story titled “Kimo Tsubushi”, which is based on the phrase “Kimo wo tsu usu” (means to be frightened).

“Bokura teki ni wa Risou no Rakugo”, also known as “Bokuraku” is currently available at TOKYO MX and BS Nittere.

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