“Tokyo Revengers”, a manga that is receiving an anime adaptation and live-action movie, will have an oversize ad in Doutonbori, Osaka, called “Osaka Jack” in February 2021.

“Tokyo Revengers” is a manga by Wakui Ken, the author of “Shinjuku Swan”, that started running in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” in 2017, and has a total of 7 million copies in circulation.
It is receiving a TV anime series in April 2021 and a live-action movie in July.

One day Hanagaki Takemichi,, a part-time worker at the bottom of his life, finds out Tachibana Hinata, the only girlfriend he had, was killed by the worst gang, “Tokyo Manji-kai”.
The next day, Takemichi is pushed off of the station platform and death seemed imminent, but for some reason, he woke up in a world 12 years prior. Slipping back to when he was a junior high school student, the best times of his life, he starts his life over to save his girlfriend and change his life of avoiding every difficult challenge.

In “Tokyo Revengers Osaka Jack”, the 16 billboards in Doutonbori will be taken over by ads for “Tokyo Revengers” from February 16 to 28.
Let’s look forward to seeing the “Oversize Original Valentine Illustration” by the author Wakui, featuring Hanagaki Takemichi, Sano Manjirou, Ryuuguuji Ken, Baji Keisuke, Matsuno Chifuyu, Mitsuya Takashi, Hanemiya Kazutora, and Hayashida Haruki (Paa-chin).

Also, a limited illustration card (8 designs in total) designed with the original illustration will randomly be given to those who buy the “Tokyo Revengers” comics (vol.1 to vol. 21) at “Tsutaya Ebisubashi (Osaka)” from February 17.

(C) Wakui Ken / Kodansha