The soccer manga “DAYS”, which had gotten an anime adaptation, has ended in the “Weekly Shounen Magazine” Issue 8 that was sold on January 20, 2021. Along with that announcement, various commemoration campaigns filled with 7 years and 9 months gratitude are being held.

“Weekly Shounen Magazine” Issue 8 will consist of a campaign where all applicants will be given a special large poster (208mm X 1070mm), which is a compilation of the cover illustration of volume 32 – 39, and 20 lucky winners will be given a draft of the final chapter with a signature of the original author Yasuda Tsuyoshi.
Application forms for both campaigns can be found on the paperback version.

Furthermore, the first ten volumes of “DAYS” can be read for free for a week on Magazine’s official application “Magazine Pocket”. In the manga community service “Alu”, voting for the “famous scenes” of “DAYS” has started.

In the “~Thank You ‘High School’s Soccer’~ DAYS ‘Final Repayment of Gratitude’ Project” to thank the fans that had supported this long serialization, all 42 volumes of “DAYS” will only be given to the applied high school’s soccer club. Other free services, include free viewing of all 42 episode of the anime “DAYS” (until January 31) and 365 pieces of illustrations.

The final volume of “DAYS”, which is vol. 42 will be released on March 17.
The 72-pages long booklet attached to the special packaging ver. will consist of the “sequel” of the main story, an original color illustration, a 20-pages long color illustration gallery, the results of the “Popular characters & famous scenes”, and others.