The key visual, PV, and cast information of the TV anime “Fairy Ranmaru ~Anata no Kokoro Otasukeshimasu~” that will start broadcast in April 2021, have been revealed.

The key visual depicts the 5 people, including Ranmaru, in the impactful Yousei transformation as well as their uniform appearance that was announced earlier.

The voice of the main cast is handled by 5 fresh voice actors, which are Sakata Shougo (voice of Ai Ranmaru), Tanabe Kousuke (voice of Hoterase Homura), Kusano Taichi (voice of Mutsuoka Jyuka), Hori Akihiro (voice of Utashiro Takara), and Balletta Yutaka (voice of Seiren Uruu).
The opening song “Ayashiku Get your heart” by 5 to HEAVEN, a unit consisting of the 5 main cast members, is revealed in the PV.

Also, the director is Hishida Masaaki, series director is Kobayashi Kousuke, series composer is Aoba Jou, and the animation is produced by Studio Comet.

Broadcast of the TV anime “Fairy Ranmaru ~Anata no Kokoro Otasukeshimasu~” will start in April 2021.

(C)Umatani Taiga/F Ranmaru Production Committee