From “Gin Tama The Semi-Final”, the prequel of the movie “Gin Tama The Final”, the synopsis, preceding cutscenes, and trailer of the 1st episode “Yorozuya-hen ‘You should not brag without considering the consequences (provisional translation)'” have been revealed. It will be distributed from January 15 exclusively on ‘dTV’.

“Gin Tama The Semi-Final” consists of two episodes, which are set in the world two years after the worst-ever decisive battle that involved the entire universe.

In the 1st episode, when Gintoki is back in Edo and runs into Shinpachi who succeeded Yorozuya, he wears a mask right away and calls himself Fundoshi Mask. Shinpachi was attacked by an unknown group led by Shachi, a prisoner manga artist that respects Gintoki as Aniki. On the other hand, Katsura, also known as Donald Zuramp and the first prime minister, was assaulted…

In “Yorozuya-hen ‘You should not brag without considering the consequences (provisional translation)'”, you can also enjoy the appearance of the familiar Kabuki Chou characters including Hijikata and Okita, and Kagura who has gained a secret skill to manipulate the age.
Although it is a prequel of the movie, it is full of “Gin Tama” style that never leaves jokes behind, which will let you enjoy before watching the movie.

Furthermore, the 2nd period of the collaboration between “Gin Tama The Semi-Final”, “Gin Tama The Final”, and Tower Records Cafe will be launched on January 8.
During the 2nd period, the original gifts and collaboration menu featuring the visuals from “Gin Tama The Semi-Final” will be offered. Inside the cafe, main visual and huge tapestry of Gintoki and other characters will be displayed. Please follow the information of it along with “Gin Tama The Semi-Final” and “Gin Tama The Final”.

(C)Sorachi Hideaki / Shueisha, TV Tokyo, Dentsu, BNP Aniplex