“Mobile Police Patlabor: Gotou Kiichi Pia”, a magazine specializing in Gotou Kiichi, the captain of the Special Vehicle Section 2 Division 2 from the “Patlabor” series, is on sale from Oct. 1, and some of the content has been revealed.

The magazine follows the “Mobile Police Patlabor: Izumi Noa Pia”, which was released in Mar. 2020, and introduces Gotou Kiichi’s profile, all activity reports, famous lines, and his history of success.

In the interview with Oobayashi Ryuusuke (voice of Gotou Kiichi) and Sakakibara Yoshiko (voice of Nagumo Shinobu), you can see their passion for the work, and Oobayashi says, “‘Let’s all be happy’, I really love this line, haha.”
In addition, the magazine will include an original episode of the popular “Gotou Kiichi no Ikiru wa Haji daga Nantoka Naru (Kari)” (Gotou Kiichi’s Living is a shame but it’ll work out (provisional)) from the fansite “Special Vehicle Division 2 Branch Office”.

It also has an interview with Oshii Mamoru.

“Mobile Police Patlabor: Gotou Kiichi Pia” is now on sale, priced at 1,500 JPY (tax excluded).