Voice actor Murase Ayumu opened his Twitter account on December 14, 2020, which was his birthday. He acts in “Haikyu!! TO THE TOP” (as Hinata Shoyo) this season.

The first tweet was, “How are you doing? It’s getting cold these days. My name is Murase Ayumu.
I happened to hear that the age of wind starts on December 22 and I thought that this was a good opportunity to start Twitter once. I can’t say this in a loud voice, but here is an image of a 32-year-old child trembling with the arrival of the age of wind. Please find it.”

Fans expressed their joy with some comments to celebrate his birthday and opening an account.

Also, the voice actor Ono Yuki reacted saying, “32-year-old child… Nice to meet you <●> <●>” on Twitter.

Ishikawa Kaito, who has been currently co-starring with Murase as Kageyama Tobio commented in his YouTube channel, community saying, “Murase Ayumu, who acts as Hinata Shoyo in the TV anime “Haikyu!! TO THE TOP”, has started Twitter!! I’m advertising it without him knowing!!”

It’s been decided that Murase Ayumu will perform in titles such as “World Trigger” (as Reghindetz) and “Kemono Jihen” (as Akira).