The broadcast information of the TV anime “EX-ARM”, scheduled to start in January 2021, has been announced on “Weekly Shounen Jump February 2021 Issue”. The broadcast will starts on January 10, on TOKYO MX, Sun TV, and other channels.

The anime is based on the same-name manga by Komi Shinya and the original idea by HiRock. The setting takes place in 2030, and it is a science-fiction battle work that depicts the battle between the criminal organization and police over the supernatural ability weapon “EX-ARM”.
Due to a certain accident, the main protagonist, who had lost his body but his brain still remains, work together with Minami and Alma from the police’s EX-ARM countermeasure division to fight against the criminal organization.

TV Anime “EX-ARM” will start on TOKYO MX, at 1:05 AM, January 11, 2021.

(C)Komi Shinya, HiRock/ Shueisha
(C)Komi Shinya, HiRock/ Shueisha, “EX-ARM” Production Committee