The main cast of the TV anime series “EX-ARM” (scheduled for broadcast in later autumn 2020) has been revealed.
The protagonist Natsume Akira is played by Saito Souma, Uezono Minami is played by Komatsu Mikako, and Kito Akari is in charge of the role of Minami's friend, Arma. They shared their impressions of the characters and messages to fans who are looking forward to the broadcast.

“EX-ARM” is a manga about “beyond-technology crime battle” that has been published in “Grand Jump” and “Jump +”, and now, the new chapter “EX-ARM EXA Exarm Exa” is serialized in “Grand Jump Special Issue Mucha”.

The story sets in the near future of 2030, and it starts after protagonist Natsume Akira, a high school student who becomes an unknown weapon “EX-ARM'” after his brain has taken out after a traffic accident, police-officer, Uezono Minami and Android Arma are meeting together.

The main cast revealed this time has been announced at “Weekly Shonen Jump”, which will be released on Jul. 7.
In the core of this work – three characters' cast, it was announced that the protagonist Akira Natsume will be played by Saito Souma, Uezono Minami is played by Komatsu Mikako, and Kito Akari is in charge of the Arma's role.

Originally it was scheduled to broadcast in Jul. 2020, the “EX-ARM” was forced to change the schedule to autumn 2020 due to the influence of the novel coronavirus, but production has resumed, and voicing sessions have already been started. Please wait a little longer for the exact broadcast schedule announced.

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“Saito Souma”
(1) Share your thoughts and impressions about Akira
Anyway, Akira is a complicated character, but even the axle part is very simple in a good sense, and although there are scary feelings and hesitation, I think that he is a person who will protect those who are in trouble in front of him. I would be happy if I could show his feelings as it is. Also, not all details have been revealed yet, but please look forward to this unique anime!
(2)Message to the fans
I am very excited to see how the original work is transforming into a magnificent anime! Especially while voicing battle scenes, I have a feeling that it is still unfinished but will become an amazing thing. I want to see the completed version soon! By all means, please watch this broadcast and enjoy the world of “EX-ARM”! Thank you for your support!

[Komatsu Mikako]
(1) Share your thoughts and impressions about Minami
Well, she is straightforward and full of justice, and she is a wonderful friend ,from whom I can get a lot of spirit and energy while I am playing. Although she is still a newbie policewoman, she deserves to be respected as a person because of her charming heart fulfilled with maternity. I will be very careful in performing her heart important movements!
(2)Message to the fans
It is set in the near future. Incidents that occur one after another in an unimaginable world. Anyway, the action battle scene is a masterpiece!! It's getting hotter for machines and people. Where do people, souls come from? It would be great if everyone could raise that question.

[Kito Akari]
(1) Share your thoughts and impressions about Alma
Although Alma is an android that doesn't express emotions, it changes little by little as it is interacting with Minami and Akira by working together.
It was difficult but fan to express the changes delicately, so I hope all the viewers can feel it.
(2) Message to the fans
When I first read the original, I was immediately drawn to the grandeur of the story.
What is humanity, what will happen to Akira and the world, and many other questions that this anime is raising, I found very interesting as it's adding more power and presence.
I would be very happy if you could see it all the way to the end!

(C) Komi Shinya, HiRock/Shueisha, “EX-ARM” Production Committee