The voice actress Mizuki Nana had her first online concert, “NANAN ACOUSTIC ONLINE”, on November 7. She performed 12 songs, including her latest single “No Rain, No Rainbow”, at “Club Mixa”, which just opened in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

“NANAN ACOUSTIC ONLINE” is a special concert celebrating Mizuki’s 40th single, “FIRE SCREAM / No Rain, No Rainbow”, released on October 7.
She had her longest nationwide tour scheduled for the 20th anniversary of her career as a singer, but it was canceled due to the spread of COVID-19, making this her first solo concert this year.

Amidst the CG snow falling from the sky, she started off with her winter song, “Eden”. Dressed in a costume of blue, which matches her theme color and the lyrics, “Aoi Hana” (blue flower”), she sang along to the gentle tune of the piano.
She said, “I’m quite nervous as this is my first online concert. You might see me spinning my wheels, but I will do my best with the support of the band members!”, expressing her enthusiasm, and continued with introducing the members of the band.
Each member expressed their thoughts with social distancing in mind, having the band members and cameras surround Mizuki 360 degrees, an unprecedented layout for a concert.

After performing “Margaret” for the first time and “Nostalgia” with light sound of an acoustic guitar, from “CANNONBALL RUNNING”, the album released in December 2019, Agematsu Mika, a Paraguayan harp player, appeared on stage as a guest.
Mizuki said, “When I decided to do an acoustic concert, Mika-chan was the first one who I wanted as a guest!”, and the two of them performed “Ai no Hoshi -two hearts-“. After the performance, they said, “That was so tense!”, and smiled at each other with relief.

The next two songs were “COSMIC LOVE”, which according to her, was arranged in an unexpected way, and “Dramatic Love” performed with a full smile with cute dance moves, creating a pop mood.
She said that the setlist was decided earlier than usual, so it gave them time to discuss how to arrange the songs. They expressed their enjoyment working out the arrangement of the songs in the rehearsals, based on the ideas and demos from the guitarist Watanabe Itaru and violinist Kadowaki Daisuke.

After performing “NEVER SURRENDER”, the theme song of “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Detonation”, a film adaptation of the popular series from 2004, and a tear-jerking emotional performance of “Sing Forever”, a song that expresses her will to continue singing, the concert reached its climax.
She said, “Even if you have a bad day, there’s always a glittering future and smiles waiting for you! I sing this song because I know we can meet again!!”, and performed her last song, “No Rain, No Rainbow”, from the 40th single “FIRE SCREAM / No Rain, No Rainbow”.
Under the lights of seven colors, Mizuki sang energetically with her fist in the air, closing the concert with her signature line, “Kakattekoi!” (Come on!).

But this wasn’t the end of the show. After the ending credits, there was a bonus talk session after the concert. Together with the two who arranged the songs, they talked about their joy of performing live for the first time in a long time, the production process leading to the concert, and their thoughts about the show.

The concert is open to the public in the archives until November 14, so don’t miss this opportunity to check it out.