Hidaka Rina as Kozakura and Tomita Miu as Seto Akari will appear in the TV anime “Otherside Picnic” (to be released in January 2021). The latest key visual and cast comments have been released along with it.

“Otherside Picnic” is a TV anime based on a novel of the same title by Miyazawa Iori published in ‘Hayakawa Bunko JA’.
The setting is the “Otherside” where dangerous beings from real-life ghost stories such as “Kune Kune”, “Shakuhachi”, and “Kisaragi Station”, appear and is full of mysteries that is side by side with reality.
Kamikoshi Sorao discovers the “Otherside” through a door in an abandoned building, where she meets Nishina Toriko, and the two begin their dangerous survival. ……

Two new cast members were announced this time.
Hidaka Rina will play Kozakura, a researcher of the “Otherside” who lives in the suburbs of Shakujii Park, and Tomita Miyu will play Seto Akari, a freshman at the same university as Sorao.

The “Otherside Picnic” will begin airing in January 2021.

<The full text of the comments is below.
Hidaka Rina as Kozakura

I’m Hidaka Rina, and I’m pleased to be the voice of Kozakura.

I started to read the original work with my heart beating faster and faster because it was a sci-fi horror story, but I was so immersed in the world of the “Otherside Picnic” that I couldn’t stop turning the pages.

It’s not just a work with horror elements, but also a work that delicately depicts the emotions of the characters, and we put a lot of care into the recording of the dialogue for the anime.
I hope you’ll look forward to seeing how the characters move in the anime, and how the otherside will be portrayed!

Seto Akari Seto as Tomita Miyu

I’m Tomita Miyu, who will be playing Akari Seto!

From the moment I read the original story at the audition, I was hooked, and I was like, “I want to be in it for sure!” andnd I’m so glad I did!
Akari is good at karate, and there is a scene where she fights with it in the anime. I studied karate for six years, so I think I was able to act using my experience.

There are many scary scenes that are chilling because the theme is based on monsters, but there are also many heartwarming scenes.
Whether you like scary things or not, I hope you will enjoy this anime!

(C) Miyazawa Iori , Hayakawa Shobo / DS Lab