The novel which 2 girls goes on an “internet myth×ghost hunt” survival, “Otherside Picnic” will become an anime. It has also been announced that Hanamori Yumiri and Kayano Ai will play the main characters, Satou Takuya will participate as the director and the series composition. The animation will be produced by Liden Films×FelixFilm.

The original novel “Otherside Picnic” by Miyazawa Iori is published in “Hayakawa Bunko JA”.

The story is set in the otherside, “where creatures related to the urban legends on the internet (Netlore)”, such as “Kune Kune”, “Shaku Hachi-sama”, and “Kisaragi Station”, live in.
The story depicts two girls, who entered the world for research, money, and to look for an important person, having an adventure in a close to the reality mysterious world.

A teaser visual and staff and cast information were announced this time.
Hanamori Yumiri will play Kamikoshi Sorao, and Kayano Ai will play Nishina Toriko. Satou Takuya, who is known for “STEINS;GATE” and “Kase-san”, participates as the director and the series composition, and Liden Film (“Hanebado!”) and FelixFilm (“Neko Para”) will be in charge of the animation production.

Other information including the broadcast date has not been announced yet as of now.

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