TV anime “Otherside Picnic” will start from Jan. 2021. In addition, the latest PV and the screen shots have been released and additional staff are also announced.

“Otherside Picnic” is the mystery investigation novel from “Hayakawa Bunko”, which is written by Miyazawa Iori
Two girls step in the other side of the world where “Internet Roars” like “Kunekune”, “8Shaku-sama”, “Kisaragi Station”, and other dangerous and mysterious creatures that actually appear in the rumors in real life. They take a step forward for a dangerous survival for interest, research and money.

The promotion movie released this time showed a part of the survival by a female university student Kmigoe Kuugyo, a character played by Hanamori Miyuri who has an abundant knowledge of internet roars, and Kashina Chouko, a mysterious woman played by Kayano Ai who knows how to use weapons well. They look up for “what they should not have looked up” on the video.

TV anime “Otherside Picnic” begins its broadcast from Jan. 2021. Detailed information will be released later.

(C) Miyazawa Iori, Hayakawa Shobo/DS Research Labolatory