Paravi’s original story “Anzenna Venus” (Safety Venus) of TBS’s Sunday drama ” Kikkenna Venus” (Dangerous Venus), which will start on Oct. 11, has been announced and it will be streamed exclusively on Paravi. This story will start to broadcast after the broadcast of episode three of the main work.

“Kikkenna Venus” is a drama based on the same name novel by the best seller author Higashino Keigo. It is a story about the main protagonist, the veterinarian Hakurou (by Tsumabuki Satoshi) getting involved in the heritage feud of the Yagami family, involving a total of 3 billion JPY after searching for the whereabouts of this step-brother (from a different father), Yagami Akito and the self-proclaimed “brother’s wife”, Kaede (by Yoshitaka Yuriko).

The main cast for Paravi’s original story “Anzenna Venus” will be handled by the voice actor Aoi Shouta. This work will take place in the bar “Venus” and the story will revolve around the famous master Sherry, by Aoi. He has a beautiful appearance and is gentle-mannered, when a customer with trouble came, he will serve a delicious cocktail that will soothe the heart. Just by drinking that cocktail, the customer will speak out his true feeling mysteriously just like Sherry’s mysterious appeal…

We had received the comments from Aoi Shouta as Sherry and the producer Muraki Misa.

Full Comments

Hello, I’m Aoi Shouta, who will play Sherry in “Anzenna Venus” this time.
As he is the bar owner as well as the bartender and he has a role to get close to the feeling of the bar’s customers, I hope I will be able to express this special, calming atmosphere that only exists in this work.
Please check it out!

We are able to welcome the popular Aoi Shouta-san as Paravi’s original character. The bar master, Sherry is able to draw out the true feeling of a person naturally. I am looking forward to seeing the charming performance of Aoi-san as that “Safety” Venus. You might be able to see an unexpected side of the various attractive characters from the main work. I’m sure you will be able to enjoy watching “Kikkenna Venus” more after watching this. We welcome your visit to the Bar Venus on Sunday’s midnight.