Kitou Akari, known for her role of Kamado Nexuko in “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, and Ishiya Haruki, known for his role of Jiro Yamada in “Hypnosismic -Division Rap Battle-“, have recorded few moe lines for “PARM Cookies & Chocolate”‘s “#PARM After Meal Report Video-I’ll Have You Tonight-“, which has been released on Oct. 5.

Kitou Akari voices the goofy playful younger sister Nagomi PARM♪, who is a little straightforward and a little devil, but easy to communicate with. I won’t forget when she was watching the anime appealing with a “PARM Cookie & Chocolate” in one hand thinking, “Hey, look at me!”.

Women who were satisfied with the rich, thick, melt-in-your-mouth chunky texture say, “It’s so delicious, even for me! No, it’s absolutely delicious!”.
At the end of the video, she says, “I wonder if you and I are compatible with each other? Do you like me? I… love you!”

Kitou smoothly handled the role, commenting, “So it’s a simple younger sister-type Nagomi character! I understand!”, and clarifying, “What is her age?” It seems that even the staff admired her ability to play various roles. Don’t miss the gap between the usual calm Kitou and the playful, straightforward younger sister Nagomi character.

Haruki Ishitani’s duality in his performance is a must-have!
On the other hand, Ishiya plays a charming and fun PARM. He innocently tells the woman who opens the package, “I’m different from the usual parm! Look forward to it! I think, my combination of melting ice cream and cookies is the best.”

But the next moment another cool personality appears, “Did you know? Yes, I have a rich raw chocolate sauce.” The gap between the charming cookies and the cool raw chocolate sauce expresed clearly.

Ishiya stated his enthusiasm in acting, “I want to convey the depth of the deliciousness of PARM through a double-sided role.” His great acting of two characters was “expected”, but he said that he struggled with winking while saying the decisive lines.
The gap is irresistible to the staff! Many praising voices have been heard.

“#PARM After Meal Report Video -I’ll Have You Tonight-” starring voice actors Kitou Akari and Ishiya Haruki will be accompanied by “PARM” starring actor Makishima Teru, who is active on the 2.5-dimensional stage. Available on the official Twitter account and Morinaga Milk Industry official YouTube.
Also, during the “#PARM Cookie & Chocolate” campaign held by “PARM cookie & chocolate”, the special movie with selected “want to it” lines by Kitou, Ishiya, and Makishima will be released on Oct. 25.