The voice actor, Shirai Yuusuke, known for Amemura Ramuda from “Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima”, Nikaidou Yamato from “IDOLiSH7”, and others, has revealed that he was infected with coronavirus. It was announced on his own Twitter as well as his affiliated agency, EARLY WING’s official website.

On Oct. 1, 2020, Shirai’s new tweet in Twitter said, “I had been taking a break from major work, but I was tested positive for coronavirus on the PCR test.”
Also, “As there was no symptoms, I will my best in the recuperation until the virus is eliminated from my body. I am sorry for making you worry as well as any inconvenience caused”.

It was revealed at the EARLY WING official website as well saying, “It has been confirmed that Shirai Yuusuke has tested positive in the PCR test” followed by “Shirai Yuusuke has taken a break from major work as he has flu like symptoms, and was quarantined at his house while recuperating. Currently as he is showing no symptoms, he is recuperating while following the advice of the health center and specialist.”

They also commented “Our Company will also continue to prioritize the safety of each staff, affiliated casts, and fans and establish a high level of awareness to prevent and stop the infection. We would like to apologize to the staff as well as the fans for anye inconvenience caused” toward the fan and staff.