Bushiroad Co.,Ltd has announced that there was no new cluster of infection of novel coronavirus result from the stage play “Assault Lily The Fateful Gift”, that was held from Sep. 3 to Sep. 13, 2020, at Brilla HALL, Tokyo, after surveying for 2 weeks.

As the stage play “Assault Lily The Fateful Gift” was originally planned at a venue that can fit 600 people, but due to the novel coronavirus situation and as a method for prevention, a venue that can fit twice the planned capacity was used.

This event was conducted while keeping both the social distancing and the initial planned capacity, and with the cooperation from the staff, cast, as well as the audience, it was a success as two weeks had passed since then.

Pius Co.,Ltd – Producer Hayashi Shuuji

In the world of acting and under these harsh times, we have proved that it was even possible for a stage play to be held with all the cast and staff being on full alert from the first day of rehearsal until the last curtain call.

This is a wonderful work.
The cast was also wonderful.
I want to create another stage play with this cast again.

(C)AZONE INTERNATIONAL, acus/Assault Lily Project

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