The next generation girls band project “BanG Dream! (Bandori!)” held the event “BanG Dream! 8th☆LIVE Summer Outdoor 3DAYS” at Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest on Aug. 21, 22, and, 23. Day 1 featured the live “Einheit” by Roselia.

The members of Roselia are Aiba Aina (vocal Minato Yukina), Kudou Haruka (guitarist Hikawa Sayo), Nakashima Yuki (bassist Imai Lisa), Sakuragawa Megu (drummer Udagawa Ako), and Shizaki Kanon (keyboardist Shirokane Rinko). They continue to attract fans with their message-oriented performances and cool and dark worldview on stage.

The live event “Einheit” was held after taking all necessary measures against the new coronavirus by keeping a space between seats, ensuring social distance, and prohibiting the use of voices to speak aloud. As Rimsky-Korsakov's “Antal” was played, the appearance of the members of Roselia in their new costumes was met with great applause from the audience.

As Aiba said “We'd like to express our gratitude for all your support…”, they opened the stage with “Avant-garde History”, their first performance at the live.
Then they performed “BLACK SHOUT”, which was their origin, “Ringing Bloom” with the piano played by Shizaki, and “BRAVE JEWEL”, the OP theme song of the anime “BanG Dream!”. With this series of numbers that fully express the Roselia band's character, fans' excitement was growing faster and faster.

After the MC part, they performed “Safe and Sound”, where the audience could fully enjoy the charm of Roselia's strength and kindness.
The last song of the first half of the show, “Yakusoku”, made the fans feel nostalgic as Aiba looked at Nakashima on bass.

The second half of the show started with “Break your desire” with Sakuragawa's powerful drumming. This is the first new song with a full chorus on their recently released 2nd album “Wahl”. Roselia's beliefs are reflected in the lyrics of this hot song, which has a fast-moving sound, and the up-tempo and energetic sound of it brought the heat back to the venue, which had been in a calm atmosphere.

Then they performed “Neo-Aspect” and “Passionate Anthem” in a medley format with their soulful performances, and the atmosphere of the venue reached the highest level with the fireworks.
After that, “ONENESS” featuring all the members in unison embodied the meaning of the live title “Einheit” (Union) and symbolized Aiba's wish to be united not only in words but also in heart.

The live performance reached the last part. In “Sanctuary”, Kudo's guitar sound matched with the blue lights and enhanced Aiba's vaguely sweet and melancholic singing voice. In the following song “R”, fans raised their arms in the air as Aiba's words “WE ARE” came out, and the audience was wrapped in “unity”. When “FIRE BIRD” sounded from a scene of the anime, the audience's penlights turned the venue red and the show ended with the highest level of excitement.

In response to the call for an encore, the girls took the stage again and responded to the audience's enthusiasm with “Song I am.”.
This was another new song from “Wahl” and symbolized Roselia's strength and passionate emotions.
The last encore was “Nesshoku Starmine”. With the words “Aim for the stars!”, fireworks and penlights bloomed like blue roses in the summer's night sky of Conifer Forest at Fuji-Q Highland.

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Photo Fukuoka Ryouji, Hata Satoshi