The preview video and the key-art of the Netflix original anime “Dragon's Dogma”, which is based on a world-famous game, have appeared.

The original “Dragon's Dogma” was released in 2012 by Capcom and is an open-world game that has sold a total of 5.3 million copies worldwide.
In this action-adventure game, the protagonist, who revives as “Arisen” to take revenge on the dragon who has deprived his heart, challenges the dragon while defeating the monsters that mean the seven deadly sins.
The Netflix original anime series consists of seven episodes in connection with the seven deadly sins.

In the trailer video released this time, we can see how the protagonists, “Arisen” Ethan and “Servant (Pawn)” Hannah, confront the monsters is fully depicted.
In the key-art, the eerie shadow of Ethan holding a sword, Hannah holding magic in her right hand, and the monster approaching behind was projected.

The Netflix original anime “Dragon's Dogma” will be streamed worldwide from Sep. 17, 2020.