The teaser visual and the scene cuts from the Netflix original anime series “Dragon’s Dogma” have been released. MoreoverIn addition, the streaming date of this work has been decided to be on Sep. 17, 2020. Streaming will startIt will start streaming worldwide exclusively on NetflixNetfilix.

“Dragon’s Dogma” is based on the action game released by Capcom in 2012.
It is a magnificent story wherein which the protagonist, who revives as “Arisen”, challenges the dragon while defeating monsters that represent the seven deadly sins, in order to take revenge on the dragon who has taken his own heart.

The released teaser visual represents the moment when Ethan, the main character (“Arisen”), is about to be taken his heart away by the dragon who eerily sheds a mysterious light in the darkness.

The scene cuts included not only Ethan trying to conquer the fate, which was derailed by the dragon, but also Hannah as Pawn (“Servant”), and the happy time he spent with his beloved wife.

The Netflix original anime series “Dragon’s Dogma” will be streamed worldwide on Netflix from Sep. 17, 2020.