The second title for the Reiwa series was announced in the “2020 New Kamen Rider Production Announcement” held on Jul. 29, 2020. The title was revealed to be “Kamen Rider Saber” which takes place in both reality and the “Book's World”.

The second Reiwa Rider is the first rider who will fight in the other world = “Book's World” while wielding the “Holy Blade”.
In this work, a part of the city suddenly disappear and it symbolized the appearance of the “other world”. Then, “Kamen Rider Saber” appears in front of the confused, stricken people and depict the battle as a “savior” to bring back the people to their original world and daily life while wielding the holy sword.

The person inside Kamen Rider Saber is Kamiyama Touma, who is a novelist that love books. After his fateful encounter with the holy flame sword called “Kaenken Rekka (Flame Sword, Rekka)”, he got involved in the battles revolving around the books. The actor for Kamiyama Touma is Naitou Shuuichirou known for his role in ABEMA's love reality show “Manatsu no Ookami-kun ni ha Damasarenai (I can't fool the Midsummer Wolf)”, the drama “Hoshikuzu Revenge”, and others.

On his own Twitter, he said, “I will do my best so that everyone will like Kamen Rider Saber during the one year frame and hope you can support it.”

It was also announced that Kamen Rider Breath/ Shindou Rintarou will be acted by Yamaguchi Takaya, the newcomer editor in charge of the novelist Touma, Sudou Mei will be acted by Kawazu Asuka.

In the SNS, there were comments such as “I'm looking forward to Saber!!!”, “Saber looks so awesome!, while there was also sad opinion toward the currently broadcasting “Kamen Rider Zero-One” such as “There are only 5 episodes left for Zero-One!?”, and “Zero-One… is it going to end…”.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the theme song will be handled by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra while Ootsuka Akio (known for “Fate/Zero”, and “Baki”) will handle the narration.

Let look forward to the achievement of the “Bungou” and also “Kengou” Kamen Rider Saber on Sunday morning.

Kamen Rider Saber” will starts its broadcast on 9 AM, Sep. 6, 2020 on TV Asahi affiliated channels.

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