“2020 New Kamen Rider Production Announcement” was held in Jul. 29, 2020. It has been announced that 2nd Reiwa “Kamen Rider” will be titled as “Kamen Rider Saber”.

The protagonist of 2nd “Reiwa Rider” of “Kamen Rider Saber” is a great writer, a sword master, and a savor who saves the world with a holy sword.
The story revolves around the stories written by the protagonist Kamiyama Touma, and the stories originally written to enrich people's lives eventually saves the entire world.

The protagonist will be played by Naitou Shuuichi, a male actor who participated in the ABEMA reality show called “I won't be tricked by a mid-summer wolf” and the drama “Hoshikuzu Revengers”(Stardust Revengers).

Moreover, the theme song will be played by “Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra”.

Expectation rises toward the Kamen Rider “Saber” on how he will be “saving” the world with the “holly sword”.

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