The main equipment of the 2nd “Reiwa Rider” “Kamen Rider Saber”, “Henshin Belt DX Seiken Swordriver” will be released on Sep. 5, 2020.

“Kamen Rider Saber” is a hero who wields a “sword” to “save” the world, based on the concept of a “savior”.
The protagonist, Kamiyama Touma, a great writer/swordsman, puts his heart into his pen and sword. Will the sight of him wielding his holy blade encourage and be the embodiment of hope for the world where everyone feels trapped?

“Henshin Belt DX Seiken Swordriver” is the latest installment of the “Henshin Belt” series, which has a total of over 14 million shipments.
It is a Henshin set of the Henshin Belt “Swordriber Buckle”, “Kaenken Rekka”, and the book-shaped “Brave Dragon Wonder Ride Book”.

The Henshin gimmick is triggered by setting the “Wonder Ride Book” on the “Swordriver Buckle” and drawing the holy blade from the buckle.
The “Wonder Ride Book” is a book of mystical powers, and is a key item of which powers can be unleashed by the holy blade. By adding more “Wonder Ride Books” (sold separately) to your collection, you can obtain power-ups or change forms.

“Henshin Belt DX Seiken Swordriver” is priced at 6,980 JPY (tax excluded). Sales start from Sep. 5 at toy stores, department stores, toy sections of electronics retail stores, general stores, and online shopping.
“Kamen Rider Saber” will be broadcasted every Sunday from 9:00 p.m. on TV Asahi channels starting from Spe. 6, 2020.

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