From “Kamen Rider Zero One”, transformation belt “DX Thousand Driver” toy for the new Kamen Rider “Kamen Rider Thouser” are being released on Dec. 28 2019. Besides that, “DX Thousand Jacker” toy, a weapon used by “Kamen Rider Thouser, is making an appearance too.

The”Transformation belt DX Thousand Driver” has two important keys attached: Awaking Arsino Zetsumerise Key sets at the left side, and Amazing Caucasus Progrise Key, which is at the right side, will extend the center door sideways when the button is pressed. When the center mark is lighted up, “Kamen Rider Thouser” transformation is ready.

On top of that, Amazing Caucasus Progrise Key can be pressed again for the finishing move. With another Progrise Key, which is sold seperately, will activate a different finishing move. Currently, Amazing Caucasus Progrise Key can be used for other transformation belts such as “DX Hiden Zero One Driver”.

Below the grip area, the grip end of “DX Thousand Jacker” will give out “Jacker Laser” sound effect when pulled. Jacking Brake can be activated when the trigger at the side being pulled at this state. Plus, it can work together with a separately sold Progrise Key. There is a slot at the grip trigger at the side, enabling hacking break. Once the Progrise Key is slotted in after the grip end being pulled, the trigger at the side will activate Thousand Break.

Apart from that, “Rider Kick's Figure ( RKF )” with 18 movable parts and able to do a signature pose, Soft Vinyl Series of “Kamen Rider Thouser” from “Rider hero series” are being lined up.

“Transformation belt DX Thousand Driver” 6,600JPY ( tax included ), “DX Thousand Jacker” 4,180JPY ( tax included ). Both items are sold on Dec. 28 2019.

(c) 2019 Ichinomori productions/TV Asahi/ ADK EM/ Toei