“Sunrise Festival”, by the anime production Sunrise known for “Mobile Suit Gundam”, “Love Live!”, and others, will be held online for the first time on its 10th anniversary. It is titled 'Let's sing a song at home! “Sunrise Festival 10th Anniversary ~100 Theme Songs Support Streaming~”', where the video of the theme songs will be streamed. This project is different from the past festivals.

“Sunrise Festival” is a streaming event that have been held every year since 2010 in collaboration with movie theatres. The festival have played the contents by Sunrise, which has produced original IP centered on anime for over 40 years, works commemorating anniversary along with a talk show by guests, and works requested at movie theatres, and attracted a number of fans.

Due to the coronavirus, the events at movie theatres have been cancelled to ensure the safety of fans, cast, and other people concerned even though it is the 10th anniversary this year. On behalf of that, 'Let's sing a song at home! “Sunrise Festival 10th Anniversary~100 Theme Songs Support Streaming~” has been decided to be streamed online.

This program is based on “Ongaku!! ~Theme Song Support Version~”, which was held as a program of “Sunrise Festival” in 2019, and powered up to run for more than 3 hours. The program includes a release of information about the latest works in this autumn or later, and conversation among the cast in addition to supporting the theme songs requested.

'Let's sing a song at home! “Sunrise Festival 10th Anniversary~100 Theme Songs Support Streaming~”' will be streamed for free on “Sunrise Festival” official website and “Sunrise” official YouTube channel on Sep. 11, 2020 at 8 p.m.
Please check out the official website for more details and to request a song. “Ongaku!! ~Theme Song Support Version~” of last year will also be streamed for free for 3 days from Jul. 31 at 9 p.m.