The animation production studio Sunrise has revealed that they will establish “Sunrise Art Class” on Apr. 2021 to educate the highly skilled art staff with the purpose of boosting the quality of the animation.
This is a training program for potential candidates of Sunrise's art staff as they will be hired after the 6 months of practical training in the provided environment, where they are able to obtain the basic foundation as an art staff.

Japanese animation had garnered attention from both locals and overseas as anime had topped the box office gross revenue among the premiered movie, and it had also become entertainment that can boost people's lifestyle.
Among them, Sunrise has established an “Animation class” in 2005 to train the animators. However, in recent years, the industry is facing a crisis as there is a shortage of art staff, who is responsible for 70% of the animation. Especially when it comes to recruiting the young adults, who bear the responsibility for the next generation, since there is a probability that the various traditional technique that was used might be lost forever.

The background art of the anime played an important role in animation production as it decides the world setting and the atmosphere of the overall work.
Thus, Sunrise has decided to establish “Sunrise Art Class” to train the art staff, so that it possible to boost the quality of the future animation work and delivered the various dreams, hope, and emotions to more people.

The main lecturer for “Sunrise Art Class” is Kouno Jirou, the art director for various works such as “Tanoshii Muumin Ikka”, “Hakugei: Legend of the Moby Dick”, “Intrigue in the Bakumatsu: Irohanihoheto”, “Megalo Box”, and “Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World” for long years. The other lectures are art directors and art staff that is actively participating in the industry.

The practical training will be held for 6 months, which is from Apr. until Sep. 2021, and it will focus not only on the foundation skill on the background art, it will also focuses on the techniques and knowledge that can be applied to the workplace after the practical training had ended. After passing the graduation examination, Sunrise will offer employment with them as an art staff.
Moreover, in order for the student to focus on the technique instead of worrying about the daily expense, there will be a stipends program where a total of 600,000 JPY will be given for the 6 months (100,000 JPY per month). There is also an opportunity to receive a conditional presentation for this.

The recruitment will end on Jul. 10, 2020. The acceptance will be announced in late Aug. based on submitted documents, qualifications and after going through the practical and interview test. Further information is available at the official website of “Sunrise Art Class”.