Sugahara Yoshihito, who has worked on many toy packages of the “Kamen Rider” series, will release bath towels for adults inspired by “Kamen Rider 1”, “Kamen Rider V3/Riderman”, “Masked Rider Black/Shadow Moon”, and “Kamen Rider Kuuga”. Pre-orders are currently available at “Premium Bandai”.

“Sugahara Yoshihito Project: Kamen Rider 1 Bath Towel” is a “warm up” project prior to the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the first airing of “Kamen Rider” on Apr. 3, 2021. It wasn't ready for the release on Apr. 3, 2020, but finally, the pre-orders have started.

“Sugahara Yoshihito Project: V3/Riderman Bath Towel” is an item that has been decided to be produced due to the great reception of “Old No. 1 Bath Towel”. Until now, Riderman has never appeared in Sugahara's designed works, so on this occasion, V3 and Riderman appear togeher during a hurricane.

“Sugahara Yoshihito Project: Kamen Rider BLACK/Shadow Moon Bath Towel” is the first appearance of Shadow Moon in “Sugahara Yoshihito Project” series. It was planned to be a T-shirt, but it was integrated into the “bath towel” project and mixed with BLACK.

“Sugahara Yoshihito Project: Kamen Rider Kuuga Bath Towel” is also a product to commemorate “Kamen Rider Kuuga” 20th anniversary. Up until now, there are already many visuals of motorcycle action, so this time Kuuga has been drawn out of the ride.

Each product is priced at 4,400 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are currently available at “Premium Bandai”, and delivery is scheduled for Aug. 2020.

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