The teaser visual centered Senkuu and Tsukasa and the 2nd promotion video have been released for “Dr. STONE” season 2. This anime will be broadcast and streamed on Jan. 2021.

TV anime “Dr. STONE” is the manga by Inagaki Riichirou and Boichi, which is currently serialized on “Weekly Shonen Jump”. It is the popular series that won the “Upcoming Manga Award 2018” (2nd place in manga category) and the “Shogakkan Manga Award” (Boys Category). The story is set in the world where everyone turned into stone and depicts the protagonist and his friends strive to bring the world using science.

The teaser visual released this time mainly depicts Senku and Tsukasa for the STONE WARS (mainland warfare) and shows the main character from both sides on their back. The new characters from the 2nd season, including Saionji Ukyou, Nikki, and Kamii You, also appear on the visual and showed dramatic facial expressions. The visuals for these 3 characters arrived as well.

The 2nd teaser promotion movie arrived this time. In the promotion video, narrated by Senkuu (CV: Kobayashi Yuusuke), contains video-fragments from the second season that has been released for the first time. The great passion of the characters are depicted in the video, contrasting it with falling snow.

“Dr. STONE” will be broadcast on TV and streamed from Jan. 2021. Detailed information will be announced later.

(C) Bei Studio・Boichi/Shueisha・Dr.STONE Production Committee