The “living being design” workplace comedy, “Heaven's Design Team”, currently serialized at “Monthly Morning two” (Kodansha Publishing), is decided for a TV Anime adaptation. Along with that announcement, a teaser of the “creation fresh out of the oven” and an illustration by Tarako, the original illustrator, are revealed.

“Heaven's Design Team” is originally a manga by the author Hebi-zou&Suzuki Tsuta and the illustrator Tarako and it is currently serialized in “Monthly Morning two” since 2017. It had a total of 4 volumes and exceed 300,000 copies issued. Moreover, this “living being design” workplace comedy is ranked at 10th in the “Kono Manga Sugoi! 2019 Otoko Hen (This manga is amazing! 2019 Boy Category)” (Takarajimasha Publishing).

The story starts when the client (the almighty God that created the heaven) subcontract with the Heaven's Design Team after getting bored of creating the living being on the ground.
It depicts the daily discovery, efforts while creating living beings of the communicator (angels and designers) and engineers after receiving the reckless orders from the selfish God.
Everyone regardless of gender will surely support this as you are able to witness the creation of various living beings from the brilliant ideas and special designs toward unreasonable demands such as “An animal that is able to eat the leaves located at a high place” and “A cute yet un-cute living being”.

In the teaser of the “creation fresh out of the oven”, it depicts a light tempo of the energetic action of the special characters and cute living beings.
Along with that, in the illustration by Tarako to celebrate the anime adaptation, various living beings, such as a giraffe and an ant-eater, are depicted while showing happiness for the anime adaptation.

The highlights of this anime are how a living being is designed and the process of breathing life into it. The latest information such as broadcast timing and cast members will be announced at the anime official Twitter and in the magazine “Monthly Morning two”.

(C)Hebi-zou&Suzuki Tsuta・Tarako・Kodansha/Heaven's Design Team Production Committee
(C)Hebi-zou&Suzuki Tsuta・Tarako/Kodansha