The secondary creation sale event “Comic Market” announced on Jul. 12, 2020 that they will postpone “Comic Market 99”, which was originally scheduled in winter of 2020.

The official website explained the reason for postponement was novel coronavirus pandemic, and commented “We will not hold Comic Market 99 winter 2020, and we are currently scheduling to hold one in the Golden Week of 2021”.

They continued, “We are very sad that we are not able to create an opportunity for whole 2020, where it accepts all expressionists and artists, including dojinshi artists. Regarding social impacts of Comic Market coming from its scale, we would like to consider the event carefully. We will do our best to hold the event, so please continue your support on us”.

They summarized by saying, “We are currently not in the danger of bankruptcy, since we get donations from purchasers of Comic Market 98 e-book, and participants, and we are applying ourselves to a special offer from public institutions. We may ask you for support when needed in the future. Thank you for your understanding”.