The design and logo of "Ultraman" from the film "Shin Ultraman" have been released at the opening ceremony of "TSUBURAYA CONVENTION 2019", the largest event of Tsuburaya Production held on Dec. 14. Comments have been received from the director Higuchi Shinji and main cast Saitou Takumi, who came on stage, along with others such as producer/scriptwriter Anno Hideaki.

The design of "Ultraman" is inspired by the artwork "Shinjitsu to Seigi to Bi no Keshin" (The incarnation of truth, justice, and beauty), drawn in 1983 by Narita Toru, who was the art director of works such as "Ultra Q", "Ultraman", and "Ultra Seven", leaving a great impact on the "Ultraman Series".

Anno says, "This design originates from my desire to recreate the beauty of the painting in the film", and explains the reason he didn't give it a color timer as because he "wanted to depict the original appearance Narita Toru-shi aimed for and recreate it as a design that can only be possible through modern CGI."

In addition, director Higuchi and Saitou talked about their memories of "Ultraman" during the opening session.
Higuchi Shinji: "What we showed you today is only a small part of the film. There is much left for us to work on. We are working hard to finish the film for its release in 2021, so please look forward to it!"
Saitou Takumi: "This will be a film not only for the children of Reiwa but also for the adults of Reiwa. The day will come when we must think of what becomes of Tokyo, moreover, Japan after the Olympics. I hope this film will be something in need at such a time. Please look forward to the release in 2021!"

The film "Shin Ultraman" is scheduled to premiere in 2021.