Ishihara Kaori, who is active as a voice actress and singer, appears in yukata on the cover of the August issue of “Voice Actor Animmedia”, which will be released on Jul. 10, 2020. Limited special offers from each bookstore have also been released.

Ishihara Kaori, who will release her second album “Water Drop” on Aug. 5, shows up on the cover of the August issue of “Voice Actor Animedia”. The opening feature contains an interview and highlights about the album production. About photos, the magazine contains private photos in yukata summer-style clothes for 35 pages.

The back cover and the end of the special issue features Koga Aoi, who is famous for her role as Shinomiya Kaguya from “Kaguya-sama: Love is War”. Her interview reveals all gags and seriousness of this work.

Also, the magazine includes special features about the new serialization of Totani Kimito, who is famous not only as a voice actor but also as an actor, and broadcasted on “Niko Niko Live Broadcasting”, “Hoshiki Sena and Otogibara Eno SSO” where many voice actors being interviewed.

Some bookstores, such as Animate and Gamers, also offer exclusive benefits for customers. It's bromides with new cuts of Ishihara Kaori and Koga Aoi, who appeared on a front and back covers.

“Voice Actor Animmedia” August issue is priced at 1,480 JPY (tax included). It will be on sale from Jul. 10.